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Episode 13: CFBW Moose

10 Years. That is how long it took for me to read those three wonderful words: Antlered Moose, Successful. Literally from the very first time, I’d ever entered my draws to this summer day in 2016..10 long years.

As every hunter knows, those draws that one is forced to wait for typically make for the most memorable adventures. Now, I know that I could have been successful in other zones much earlier on. However, the Camp Wainwright Moose hunt was always one that stood out to me. Growing up in Wainwright, I saw firsthand, year after year, how successful this particular hunt was and the good, mature bulls that the area produced. For me, this was worth the wait. In hindsight, I have no regrets.

With just 7 days left until the hunts’ opening day, I was headed home from a day at the office to pack and prepare. The unexpected happened when I lost control of my vehicle on less than ideal driving conditions. Everyone was OK. However, I’d been dealt my 5th concussion in as many years. These things just get easier and easier to pick-up the more you get, I swear.

There I was lying in bed for every minute of the day for a week straight trying to face the fact that, after a decade of waiting, I would be burning my much-awaited moose tag. Having dealt with concussions in the past I was well aware that this was a likely possibility. Imagine waiting almost half of your life for something, getting it and having it taken away from you. This was me. Mix in the fact that my co-worker and co-host of The Edge, Jeff Coyle, and his life-long buddy, Kim Jones, were going to be joining me on this “finale style” episode as a two part, 1 Rawhide & 1 The Edge show for both of WildTV’s series’ and I can’t even beat around the bush; I was sincerely saddened.

Bring in my uncle & co-host, Brad Kile, as well as good friend, Dallas Becker. Between the two of them, they were confident that they could drag me around, find me a respectable Bull and get the job done. All I had to do was pull the trigger. I felt OK with this plan and knew that I had to give it a whirl.

Day one sucked. -38 degrees and headaches don’t mix particularly well. We saw moose but no shooters. The Edge team? They’d dropped their bull just as planned. As happy as I was for them, I wasn’t certain that I’d be able to go out again when day two rolled around…

This two-part show had its bumps but, all things considered, I am very excited to bring it to WildTV this calendar year.

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