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Calgary Boat & Sportsman Show

What a fantastic time had by all down in Calgary, Alta at the Boat & Sportsman show! First off, a HUGE thank you to Marc-Philippe Legault from Honda Canada for having the Rawhide crew in the Rocky Mountain Power House Honda booth for a good portion of Saturday. It was tremendous to get out into the public eye and chat with fellow hunters, share stories and discuss both Rawhide & WildTV with everyone all while promoting a product that my family has believed in for generations.

I can remember being just a young boy and riding on the back of my great uncles 1998 Honda Foreman 400, a unit that they still use today! Or, building (OK, more like watching my grandfather and father build..) the massive, 27 feet high X 8 foot wide tree stand that still sits on family owned property to this day all while using a good ‘ol Honda generator. Honda has truly been a brand near and dear to my family for generations and it is an honor to be able to work with them inside Rawhide.

The Boat & Sportsman show was great. It seemed like most attendees felt that the attendance was up in comparison to years past. For me, the amount of interest that the WildTV brand drew was quite rewarding to see. So many hunters & outdoorsman alike were quick to ask questions about the network and of course when our new series’ (Rawhide, Canada Hunts, The Edge season 7) would be hitting the air. I was happy to answer and exchange hunting stories for the better part of 4.5 hours and am really, really looking forward to attending both the Red Deer Boat & Sportsman Show and the Edmonton Boat & Sportsman Show in the month of March! See you there!
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