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Chasing the Dream

Everyone has a dream hunt. That “once in a lifetime trip” that you would take right away if you won the lottery. No two dream hunts are the same, differing based on the hunter and their own aspirations. I know this because I remember vividly, as a kid, hearing my family members discuss their dream hunt around the fire while camping or at the dinner table.  Around the time I was seven, I laid eyes on a picture of what I viewed as a “massively large elk.”  From that moment on harvesting that Elk became my dream hunt. Being much older (though not necessarily much wiser..), I know that the “Dream Elk” that I had been thinking about for years was called a Red Stag. To hunt a Red Stag is no easy feat!

Fast forward 16 years and here I am, planning out my second season of Rawhide with WildTV. Being part of WildTV has given me the opportunity to work with other TV hosts, such as Jeff Coyle, from The Edge. Jeff and I have become fast friends. He had lined up a particular hunt just east of Australia across the Tasman Sea on the island of New Zealand and had room for a partner! Knowing that this particular hunt has a TON of extra meaning to me personally, Jeff gave me the okay to check with the bosses and our production team to explore the opportunity of having me join him on the hunt. With it being last minute, I wasn’t sure that it would be a possibility, but I’m glad to state that I was wrong.  After some consideration and thought, WildTV President, Ryan Kohler, gave me the go ahead.

We will head to New Zealand on April 16th to harvest the one and only Red Stag, my “Dream Elk”!

This is a great opportunity for the Rawhide crew to team up with The Edge Abroad crew and do some hunting/filming for WildTV’s new series, The Edge Abroad. I will also get to finally chase my childhood dream of harvesting the Red Stag. I’m still in awe! The hunt obviously still has to come together, but in just over one months time, we will cross the Pacific ocean together to check my dream hunt off my list!электронная системаключей

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