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Episode 6 -7

Wow, first off, let me begin by saying that the operation ran by Jack Hume Adventures is one of the classiest and well organized I have ever had the privilege of being a part of. Huge thanks to Rich, Amanda & staff for having our team.

This hunt certainly fell under the “trip of a lifetime” experience and I am SO excited for you guys to see it for yourselves in 2017. Ironically enough, as most “stories” go, it did NOT start out all peaches and roses. After flying to Montreal, boarding the 5am chartered plane from MTL to base camp (approx. 1,300 KM north, or an hour & forty five minutes of flight time in my language) & the 40min ride on the float plane (that really got the best of Brad, by the way.. Ever seen someone use a barf bag in-flight? I now have!!) we were literally in the middle of nowhere. I’ll admit, I was a bit concerned going without cell service for an entire week, not to mention hair gel and lotion, too (soft, I know..), but I didn’t even notice it. Once you get up there it’s literally “Eat. Sleep Hunt. Repeat.” There isn’t time for anything else.

Upon arrival, we met our guides and got settled into a much fancier set up than what I’d imagined. Brad had me prepped for the worst and this was far from it. Beds, small lodges, shower (sort of). As far as camps miles away from civilization go, this was Grade A material. Immediately after supper, I headed to a nearby lookout for my first adventure of the trip. Within minutes of arriving, the hunt literally started with a bang. I’d spotted a beautiful, 19-20in skull, 400pound + black bear at 410yds. “Range. Dial. Shoot” went into full effect.

Day 2 was equally as successful. We didn’t see the amount of Caribou we’d anticipated but within a few hours of the morning our crew had a beauty of a bull on the ground. Over the next 3 days, we hardly saw anything. With Caribou being a migratory animal, they come and go in spurts through each camp. With just two days to go on our hunt and our group still needing to down 3 ‘Bou, I was panicked. What happened next floored me. Rich Hume, Owner/Operator of Jack Hume Adventures, informed our guide that we would be relocating camps. This was a blessing and NOT something that is ever expected of an outfitter. I’m still grateful for this favor and likely forever will be.

Our plane to relocate us was delayed 5 hours. Fog had settled in early and we were tied to the ground till around noon. By the time we landed at our new “resort”, daylight was closing. As soon as our boots hit the ground, she was guns ‘a blazing! This two part episode should come together extremely well…catch it exclusively on Wild TV in 2017!кухни купить киевcasino games

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