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Jordan caught the attention of WildTV because of his relentless positive energy, raw talent, and impressive ability to lead his friends and family through some epic hunting adventures.

Born into a hunting family Jordan mastered his family’s traditions, and as a result, has been fortunate enough to harvest various North American big game animals, including B & C caliber Whitetail and Antelope.

A rifleman at heart, he’s always had an appreciation, and natural talent, for long-range style shooting, spot & stalk, and fair chase hunts.

Jordan’s no stranger to the broadcasting world, having developed numerous broadcasts in both junior and professional hockey and now as the enthusiastic host of WildTV’s Rawhide.

“For me, it’s about growing the great tradition of hunting. Showcasing the comradely & memories created in the field. If ten people watch our show and even one of them tries hunting because of it, I’ve done my job.”


Brad as the co-host of Rawhide. He is also Jordan’s uncle and mentor. Thankfully, as a result of his nephew Jordan’s encouragement, WildTV was able to successfully recruit Bard for Rawhide. 

Brad brings significant life and business experience as well as hunting mentorship to the show. From the time he could walk, Brad’s been creating memories in the outdoors. He especially enjoys camping, hunting and fishing with parents, uncles, cousins, grandparents and an ever growing group of likeminded hunting friends. 

Brad has been a steward of hunting technology and technique which has made him very successful at the North American 10. Some of his prized trophies (and best memories) include; a Dall Sheep, that just missed the record books, a BC Goat, and a full Velvet Caribou.

As the 1st season unfolds, Brad becomes increasingly focused and it becomes obvious that he’s enjoying the opportunity to share his knowledge and skills, and, perhaps more importantly, making more memories with his friends and family in the field.

“I am very interested in ensuring my children and others have the same opportunities to hunt and enjoy the outdoors that I was fortunate enough to realize. This comes through conservation and hunting ethics to ensure every man, woman and child is successful in our amazing pastime.”

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