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Following a moderate physical preparedness regiment and significant mental and gear alignment the expedition to Alaska for Dall Sheep was on. The planned hunt was seventeen days in the bush with fifteen of them compromising of rain, rain, more rain and some sleet and snow while nestled in a two man lightweight dome tent. The average day consisted of glassing this vast land for hours on end and hiking from three to ten miles per day while navigating upwards of seven fast flowing creeks and steep mountains. In the first few days Brad was successful in anchoring a full velvet caribou that was sky lining a small ridge a few miles away from spike camp.

On day twelve the team made a significant charge five miles up the drainage and dropped spike camp, then continued on to the last known location of the trophy rams. In true hunting luck fashion the band of rams had crossed the river overnight and the fifteen hundred foot climb up the shale ridge was for not as the sheep were over eight hundred yards away. The decision was made to climb down the fifteen hundred feet slope and ascend up to the three thousand foot mark on the other side of the river and make a play. Running out of daylight and energy the team made the plateau required; the hunters lay down and relaxed while the guide surveyed the band for the two largest legal rams.

Once the rams were selected and following a coin flip Brad shot first and was able to anchor a very respectable (almost book) ram and so did his buddy. Following some significant celebrations and extensive photos the realization of the hunt was epic. Transporting the animal back to spike camp was an adventure as were all other trips but it felt a little easier and refreshing as the goal set by a ten year old hunter to harvest the coveted and majestic Dall Sheep had come to fruition and all of the pain, suffering and what felt like survival was a distant memory to the ones created on the trip. If asked again there would be no question that going on another sheep hunt will be in the cards one day very soon.профессиональная косметикадля бани

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