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Shot Show 2017

What a trip Shot Show 17 has been! I gotta tell ya, this place is CRAZY! Now, I know a lot of outdoorsman dream of coming down here and checking out all of the coolest gadgets in the industry and rub elbows with the Shockey’s & Drury’s of the world. You kind of feel like a kid in Disneyland. But, 12.5 miles worth of booths set up in the bottom four floors of the Venetian/Palazo hotel, combined with 85,000 people makes for some serious chaos.

It’s sort of like 4 days of the outdoor industry’s version of Wall Street. Picture the scene from “Wolf of Wall Street” where Leo DiCaprio has just finished chatting with Matt McCauneghey and the clock hits 9am on his first day on the job..Millions of “stock brokers” trying their best to impress the industries finest and earn their business. You meet a whole world of interesting folks and learn so, so much about the products and the industry itself.

For a young guy like me, it can be Particularly consuming. Having been here last year, too, certainly helped as I was well aware of what we were headed in to. However, you have to be on the tip top of your game at all moments. You never know who you could run into around that next turn. Through it all, I’ve had an absolute blast here at the Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has been a tremendous trip and there is undoubtedly some cool things in store for WildTV, The Edge, Canada Hunts & Rawhide as the WildTV team cruises through the calendar year of 2017!

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