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Chasing the Dream

Everyone has a dream hunt. That “once in a lifetime trip” that you would take right away if you won the lottery. No two dream hunts are the same, differing based on the hunter and their own aspirations. I know this because I remember vividly, as a kid, hearing my family members discuss their dream hunt around the fire while camping or at the dinner table.  Around the time I was seven, I laid eyes on a picture of what I viewed as a “massively large elk.”  From that moment on harvesting that Elk became my dream hunt. Being much older (though not necessarily much wiser..), I know that the “Dream Elk” that I had been thinking about for years was called a Red Stag. To hunt a Red Stag is no easy feat!

Fast forward 16 years and here I am, planning out my second season of Rawhide with WildTV. Being part of WildTV has given me the opportunity to work with other TV hosts, such as Jeff Coyle, from The Edge. Jeff and I have become fast friends. He had lined up a particular hunt just east of Australia across the Tasman Sea on the island of New Zealand and had room for a partner! Knowing that this particular hunt has a TON of extra meaning to me personally, Jeff gave me the okay to check with the bosses and our production team to explore the opportunity of having me join him on the hunt. With it being last minute, I wasn’t sure that it would be a possibility, but I’m glad to state that I was wrong.  After some consideration and thought, WildTV President, Ryan Kohler, gave me the go ahead.

We will head to New Zealand on April 16th to harvest the one and only Red Stag, my “Dream Elk”!

This is a great opportunity for the Rawhide crew to team up with The Edge Abroad crew and do some hunting/filming for WildTV’s new series, The Edge Abroad. I will also get to finally chase my childhood dream of harvesting the Red Stag. I’m still in awe! The hunt obviously still has to come together, but in just over one months time, we will cross the Pacific ocean together to check my dream hunt off my list!электронная системаключей

New Brunswick Black Bear..”Just Hunt”

One of my favorite hunts from season 1 was undoubtedly our New Brunswick Black Bear hunt.

With my father, Mark, being originally from the Miramichi, NB area, I saw this as a unique opportunity to bring him along for a one-of-a-kind, father/son episode.

With it being just my 2nd filmed hunt, the nerves were high. Our first show did NOT go successfully and, I’ll admit, I knew in the back of my mind that if this one did not work out, that this whole “TV thing for Jordan” may be short lived.

The hunt looked promising with our guide, Lary Matchett, having all sorts of trail camera pictures of big, mature boars. I was certain that we would have a bear on the ground within the first couple of days. Boy, was I ever wrong! I didn’t even SEE a bear throughout the first 2 days.

Dad? Well, he seemingly got the lucky stands and was littered with bears. It seemed like every bear on the planet, from Brother Bear, Winnie the Pooh to the Bear in The Big Blue House were showing up for dad. But, zero for this guy.

Fortunately, dad cashed in on a beautiful, New Brunswick bear on day 4 (after being just a taaad picky). As happy as I was for him, that definitely did NOT help the nerves. We took the next couple of days to visit family, do some fishing on the Mighty Miramichi River and just take in the activities that go with the old man visiting “home.”

With just 2 days left to hunt, I returned to the blinds determined to seal the deal and drop my personal first ever Black Bear. The “family time” and time spent fishing were crucial in me being able to relax and remember that at the end of the day this hunt was supposed to be fun and about so, so much more than a TV show.

Thankfully, with a new found mindset, I was able to play the waiting game right down to the wire and cash in on my very own New Brunswick Black Bear just in time! It was at this point that I really realized that, if I just took it easy, acted naturally and didn’t worry about completing an episode, things came together much easier and far better than constantly being on edge for both myself and the show’s sake.

This really helped set the table for the remainder of the season, and was a huge reason why season 1 of Rawhide was so successful for myself and everyone else involved, too!

Looking back, I’m sure glad I realized this early on and was able to “Just Hunt” as we headed out on 10 other adventures through 2016!

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Episode 13: CFBW Moose

10 Years. That is how long it took for me to read those three wonderful words: Antlered Moose, Successful. Literally from the very first time, I’d ever entered my draws to this summer day in 2016..10 long years.

As every hunter knows, those draws that one is forced to wait for typically make for the most memorable adventures. Now, I know that I could have been successful in other zones much earlier on. However, the Camp Wainwright Moose hunt was always one that stood out to me. Growing up in Wainwright, I saw firsthand, year after year, how successful this particular hunt was and the good, mature bulls that the area produced. For me, this was worth the wait. In hindsight, I have no regrets.

With just 7 days left until the hunts’ opening day, I was headed home from a day at the office to pack and prepare. The unexpected happened when I lost control of my vehicle on less than ideal driving conditions. Everyone was OK. However, I’d been dealt my 5th concussion in as many years. These things just get easier and easier to pick-up the more you get, I swear.

There I was lying in bed for every minute of the day for a week straight trying to face the fact that, after a decade of waiting, I would be burning my much-awaited moose tag. Having dealt with concussions in the past I was well aware that this was a likely possibility. Imagine waiting almost half of your life for something, getting it and having it taken away from you. This was me. Mix in the fact that my co-worker and co-host of The Edge, Jeff Coyle, and his life-long buddy, Kim Jones, were going to be joining me on this “finale style” episode as a two part, 1 Rawhide & 1 The Edge show for both of WildTV’s series’ and I can’t even beat around the bush; I was sincerely saddened.

Bring in my uncle & co-host, Brad Kile, as well as good friend, Dallas Becker. Between the two of them, they were confident that they could drag me around, find me a respectable Bull and get the job done. All I had to do was pull the trigger. I felt OK with this plan and knew that I had to give it a whirl.

Day one sucked. -38 degrees and headaches don’t mix particularly well. We saw moose but no shooters. The Edge team? They’d dropped their bull just as planned. As happy as I was for them, I wasn’t certain that I’d be able to go out again when day two rolled around…

This two-part show had its bumps but, all things considered, I am very excited to bring it to WildTV this calendar year.

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